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GeorgiaBEST@Home is designed for individuals, parents, mentors, after-school programs, faith-based organization, civic groups, etc.  Goal:  exposure to concepts; develop an understanding of employer expectations; work to improve skills and competencies. 

Training can be self-directed or led by a facilitator.  Parents can engage in conversations with their employment-aged children about the study materials.  Individual participants and group facilitators can use the link at the bottom of the page to register for the GeorgiaBEST@Home program.  Once registered, they can then log in to access the facilitator’s guide, lesson plans, activities, and ethical choice scenarios.  While there is no certificate for GeorgiaBEST@Home, participants will gain valuable information that can help them not only get a job, but keep a job.

Facilitators who plan to lead training through after-school programs, faith-based organizations, civic groups, etc. will also have access to a Train-the-Trainer Toolkit (adapted from ASTD’s Ultimate Train the Trainer: A Complete Guide to Training Success workbook, written and copyrighted by Elaine Biech and the American Society for Training & Development, and published by ASTD). The toolkit may be helpful for those facilitators who lack experience or confidence with conducting training sessions.  It includes a Trainer’s Guide, PowerPoint slides, handouts, and additional resources.

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